In-Store Services

We repair virtually every make and model of computer and laptop, including business workstations and servers, and networks at your home or office. And we don’t just stop at computer repair. We offer cellphone repair, and we also provide Apple product repair at a much better price that you will find anywhere else! Virus removal, spyware removal, data recovery… we do it all. Because we service over 700 computers a month, we have more experience with a wider variety of products than any other company in this market. No one does a better job than Computer Exchange at repairing your system at the best possible price.  If you don’t see a service listed, we probably can still help you.   Just ask us. 


PC Desktop & All-In-Ones (No Repairs Done) $45.00
Laptop & Apple Computers (No Repairs Done) $45.00
Laptop Teardown Diagnostic (Spills, Fans, and Major issues) $75.00
Server (No Repairs Done) $95.00
Rush Fee $75.00

General Labor

Operating System Installation $90.00
Server Operating System Installation $175.00
Additional Profile Setup (Per Profile) $30.00
Additional Software Installation ($10 Per title) $10.00+
System Tune-up (Clean-up with No Major Infections) $75.00
Virus Removal $90.00+

*COA required for operating system installations

Desktop Parts Installation

Card Install (Modem, Sound Card, Video Card, DVD Drive) $30.00
Power Supply $45.00
Hard Drive (No Data Transfer or Software installation) $45.00
Software Install & Update (Purchased From CE) $15.00
Motherboard Install (Mount and Test) $75.00+
Password Removal $30.00
System Rebuild $100.00+

Data Transfers

Clone or Transfer Up to 25GB $30.00
Clone or Transfer 25GB to 50GB $60.00
Clone or Transfer 50GB to 100GB $90.00
Clone or Transfer 100GB+ * Varies. * External Drive
Data Back-up From Badly Failing Hard Drive 2x Amount 
Data Back-Up to CD/ DVD $30.00
~Each Additional CD/ DVD $5.00
Outlook/ Outlook Express Setup $30.00

Laptop Parts Installation

LCD Panel, Inverter, or Bezel $75.00+
Keyboard $30.00+
Optical Drive $30.00+
Memory or Hard Drive (If No Bottom Access) $30.00+
Wireless Card $30.00+
Motherboard $150.00
Chassis Bezel $90.00+

Onsite and Remote

Remote Session (Server) $35.00 Per 15 Minutes
Pickup & Drop-off Fee $25.00 Each Direction
On-Site Service (Home PC & Workstations) $115.00 Per Hour
On-Site Service (Server) $150.00 Per Hour
After 1st hr, Home PC & Workstations Can Be Billed for Half Hour at $57.50
And Servers at $75* After Hours or weekends are billed at double rate, unless planned in advance.


Have an old computer system or other broken or outdated electronics that need disposing of? Keep them out of the landfills by bringing them to Computer Exchange! Computer Exchange is proud to be a 100% recycle organization – the certified disposal and recycle center of computers and electronics for the CSRA. We are partnered with Creative Recycling, a North Carolina based facility that processes product shredding and deconstructing the product in an EPA approved facility.

What can you bring to be recycled?

AC Adapters
Hard Drives

Computer Peripherals
Optical Drives
CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Players

Circuit Boards
Fax Machines
MP3 Players
Other Various Small Electronic Devices